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Cars for real men

October 29, 2019

As many drivers, as many tastes - the car market offers a model suitable for everyone and it is beautiful. There are special cars, however, called "cars for real men". What makes them stand out and what is worth knowing about them?

Cars for real men?

What is meant to be "for real men" or "for real women" is discussed today with a pinch of salt. Choosing a car is a matter of taste, character, needs and lifestyle. True enthusiasts, however, like expressive models, dedicated to a specific group of recipients or associated with a specific climate. Here are five models that are often referred to as "cars for real men". Why would I do that? It's worth seeing!

Ford pick-up type (F series)

A series of American monsters, inseparably associated with films directly from the Far West. Fordy pick-ups are a wide range of car models. The largest of these is the F-550, while the smallest is the F-150. The Ford of the F series looks powerful and impressive. It is solid, slightly angular and really reliable. Although it is difficult to imagine moving around a city, it works perfectly in the field or at work. Ford Ford is often said to be a car for real men.

Ford Mustang

Another option among the "male" cars is the classic, well-known and recognizable Ford Mustang. It does not belong to cars that are pleasant and comfortable to drive. Its angular shapes translate into a specific way of guiding. The latest models still have a lot in common with absolute classics. Passionate fans love the Ford for its distinctive sound and powerful, powerful engines. Despite the high level of combustion, Mustangs can be found relatively often. In almost 90% of cases, men are behind the wheel.

The Nissan GT-R

It's a car for a player and a talker. Its performance and technical parameters are similar to those offered by Porsche, but the price is much more affordable. The Nissan has a unique on-board computer, created by the best computer game specialists. It is not surprising that the vast majority of the owners of these cars are men. Driving a model so packed with electronics is a real fun. Aesthetic, achievable, ideal for garnetters - that's the Nissan GT-R.

Porsche 911

A sporting classic of the genre, which for years has been determining the social status of the leader. The Porsche 911 is a machine with constant, excellent performance, reliable, but less and less unique and more and more often found on the streets. Despite the streamlined, shapely shapes of Porsche, men are much more likely to choose than women. What does this car communicate? Sportiness, dynamics, speed and... a fat wallet.

BMW 1 M Series Coupe

Something special for drivers who have to combine their passion for extraordinary cars with practicality. It's a car with impressive performance and great workmanship. At the same time it can accommodate almost everything - shopping, family holidays, trips to the city are not scary. The BMW 1 M Coupe is a "family car" that accelerates to a hundredth in less than 5 seconds.