Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Does diabetes cause impotence?

October 29, 2019

Perhaps talking about diabetes as a disease responsible for impotence is an abuse. There is no denying, however, that this disease can have an impact on the sexual life of a diabetic. Glycemic fluctuations are due to the fact that they are often considered to be the cause of reduced sexual desire in diabetics. But are potency problems a reality for any diabetes mellitus, or can measures be taken to oppose them?

Diabetes and impotence - facts and myths

Diabetes is a disease that affects many systems in the human body. Its adverse effect can be seen also when the changes occurring in the circulatory system are analyzed. It is he who has a great influence on the sexual performance of men, so it is no wonder that when he stops functioning as he should, problems with potency start to appear. Erectile dysfunction in diabetics is not a myth, unfortunately, it is observed even four times more often than in healthy men. Sometimes impotence is only episodic, but if you don't take action to fight it, it will get stronger.

As already mentioned, the level of glycemia in diabetics is responsible for the inconvenience in this area, which is sometimes too high and sometimes too low in diabetics. This leads to nerve damage, although the arteries and even the kidneys also suffer. Men cannot achieve erection, and even if it occurs, it is problematic to maintain it. Sometimes the gentlemen also complain about pain that occurs during the relationship.

Diabetes and sexual desire in women

Binding diabetes and impotence is not a mistake. However, it is wrong to assume that we are dealing with an issue that only persecutes men. After all, ladies too are struggling with the problem of diabetes, and they, too, are not free from the impact of the disease on their sex life. Here, the issue may prove to be even more complex. It turns out that the disease increases the risk of developing intimate infections and at the same time contributes to the fact that these infections are more difficult to combat. It also has an adverse effect on the level of blood supply to the reproductive organs. This, in turn, makes us less sensitive to sexual stimuli. During intercourse it is not impossible to achieve orgasm, but it is more difficult.

We must also not forget that diabetes is not without its impact on the female psyche. It is difficult for women to come to terms not only with the disease itself, but also with how much their body changes as a result of it. As a result, the willingness to have sexual intercourse with a partner decreases.

How to deal with the problem?

Diabetes is a disease so serious that diabetics are not recommended to experiment with drugs in order to improve their sexual performance. However, this does not mean that they have to accept impotence. It prevents it from taking care of its health and doing everything to slow down the development of the disease. However, contact with a doctor may also allow for the period in which a diabetic may use a group of drugs helping in the fight against impotence.