Monday, September 28, 2020

Even a third of the women are dating to have a free meal.

January 28, 2020

According to research carried out by American scientists, even one in three women who date do so not because they are interested in a man and count on the beginning of a great love, but to enjoy a free meal.

A new trend in dating was already reported by the media last year. It is called sneaking and consists of dating just to have lunch or dinner for free. Media reports have caught the attention of Azusa Pacific University and University of California, Merced. Their research shows that the trend is good and that even one third of women use a free meal in this way.

In the first study, 357 heterosexual women were surveyed. 33% of the women surveyed admitted that they engaged in a date at least once hoping that the would-be partner would pay the bill. In the second survey with 820 women, 23% of those surveyed admitted to this type of activity.

The research conducted by Brian Collisson, Jennifer Howell and Trista Harig of Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced, appeared in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Interestingly, in both studies, most women admitted that this type of behavior is socially unacceptable. Women who considered it acceptable to date to satisfy their appetite expressed traditional beliefs about gender roles and scored high in the so-called "dark triad". This is a set of personality traits which includes narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathic tendencies.

- Several dark traits are associated with deceptive and exploitative relationships, such as one-night adventures and pretending orgasms," said Collisson.

The women participating in the study answered a number of questions that measured their personality traits or beliefs about gender roles in society. Among the respondents, 40% said they were single, 33% were married, 27% were married but not married. Check another woman histories: Blind date or embarrassing date.

It should be noted, however, that none of these studies recruited representative samples of women, so it cannot be concluded that the results obtained correspond to the entire female population. The authors of the study also stress that this type of behaviour may occur in many types of relationships and may also be committed by men.

Dating in the 21st century is a real ride without a stick. As recent research has shown, some women are not looking for love, but... food.

A study conducted by two psychologists from Azula Pacific University showed that 23-33% of the women surveyed date people they are not interested in at all, just wanting to have a free meal.

The psychologists found that the foundation building this type of behavior among women is to have three dark qualities: psychopathic tendencies, Machiavellianism and narcissism.

The first study involved 820 women, whose task was to answer a series of questions about their personality, values and gender roles. And although most of the women answered the question whether it was okay to go out on a date just to eat a meal, she answered that definitely not, 1/3 said there was nothing wrong with it.

The second study, conducted this time on a group of 357 heterosexual women, showed the same tendencies in as many as 33% of women.