Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Healthy sportsmen's cocktails - how to prepare them?

October 29, 2019

A cocktail is a quick meal, which can also be a very valuable part of an athlete's diet. Many practicing men choose to have cocktails instead of breakfast or before training to gain more strength. A well-composed cocktail is not only tasty, but also provides the ingredients necessary to make an intensive effort. A cocktail can also be easily taken with you when you leave home for training. How to create healthy sportsmen's cocktails that will add strength and support training?

A sportsman's cocktail - what can be his base?

Oat flakes are a popular base for energy cocktails. Rich in fiber, calorific and filling, they are perfect for this type of liquid meals. Calories in cocktails are also responsible for "fillers" such as bran, nuts, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) or lamb groats - depending on your preferences. A cocktail may actually be a liquid oatmeal. Many athletes also add milk products (buttermilk, yoghurt, milk) to a cocktail, although such combinations work better after training than before. Vegans use vegetable milk fortified with calcium for this purpose. A very good, proven base for a sweet energy cocktail is also a ripe banana. It can be successfully combined with oat flakes to create an even more filling mixture. A lot of easily assimilated sugars have dates in them, which makes them work well before exercise. They can also be used for sweetening cocktails.

Healthy cocktails for athletes - how to improve taste?

A cocktail can be not only healthy, but also really tasty. There is no shortage of possible additives - these are mainly ripe fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, pears and blueberries. Cocktails can also be sweetened with the dates mentioned above. A good, healthy sweetener is also bee honey. For taste and colour it is worth adding cinnamon or turmeric.

How can I add health benefits to a cocktail?

It is also worth reaching for the so-called superfoods. These include chia seeds (a great way to fill a cocktail), young barley, karob or spirulina. A good, energetic addition to the cocktail is also avocado and cocoa powder.

Vegetable cocktails are also very popular - less energetic than fruit and cereal cocktails, but very healthy. A green cocktail with kale, parsley and spinach is a powerful antioxidant, although it is unlikely to provide an energy boost before intensive exercise.

Addition of protein powder - worth it or not?

A cocktail is also a good way to smuggle in powdered protein conditioner, which is used during the muscle building period. This is certainly more interesting than always adding it to yoghurt. When used wisely, protein supplements are a convenient, safe option. They allow you to ensure the right amount of protein, even if the demand is high. However, it is always worth choosing nutrients from reliable sources. It should also be remembered that not every athlete needs protein preparations. An overdose of protein can lead to numerous unpleasant symptoms and health problems.