Monday, September 28, 2020

Low libido in men - causes and fight against the problem

October 29, 2019

Until recently, low libido and its inheritance were identified with typically feminine problems. However, we have been hearing for a long time now that they are also being dealt with by the gentlemen. How to help them? The first question to be asked is what can result in low libido in men.

What could be the source of the problem?

The answer to the question of what a desire for sex should be associated with can never be contained in a single sentence. After all, the willingness to have sexual intercourse can be spread over at least a few factors. We usually associate it with a drive that consists of specific hormones, but we must not forget the so-called sexual motivation, which is influenced by the relationship between the partners. Another factor is the sexually motivated environment. They include social norms and a person's readiness to meet the wishes and expectations of his or her partner. Speaking of libido, one cannot even assume that it is linked only to our body.

If the libido falls, it means that one of the factors that affects it does not play as much of a role as it should. Usually, a smaller libido than usual is associated with stress, but the problem can also be a bad diet overloading the body, lack of exercise or even environmental pollution. The level of libido is also negatively affected by diseases, which a growing number of people nowadays are suffering from. In this context, hypertension, diabetes and obesity are most commonly referred to, but it is difficult to show a willingness to have sex when a person's life is ruled by depression or diseases of the locomotor system.

It happens that the causes of libido drop can be shocking for patients who seek help from specialists. It is characteristic, for example, for men who like to take part in sports involving a lot of physical effort.

Libido drop - time to act

The problem of the inheritance of a libido is complex because, among other things, it does not only affect those who struggle with it. Their partners suffer as well, and often they are the ones who are more inclined to seek help. A man who feels less and less inclined to have sex rarely makes an immediate decision to visit a specialist. Much more often it is preceded by moments of doubt and blaming for the problem of oneself and sometimes also one's partner. Even gentlemen who seek help often try to underestimate the problem. Doctors often hear that they visit them at the instigation of their wife, although they think that nothing bad is happening and it is only she who has too high expectations.

Counteracting a problem is usually not easy. This is mainly due to the lack of one reason for the difficulties already mentioned. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to seek support from a specialist. Sometimes changing the diet and trying to get rid of excess weight brings satisfactory results. It happens, however, that the problem of the libido drop is more complex and it is necessary to first research and then treat diseases whose development affects the lesser desire for sex than usual.