Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Men's bicycle to the city - what to choose?

October 29, 2019

A bicycle is a comfortable, ecological means of transport. In the city you can forget about traffic jams and skip them skillfully. In addition, it contributes imperceptibly to the maintenance of good shape and physical condition. What kind of male bicycle to the city is worth choosing?

What should a men's bike into town be like?

A bicycle intended for urban use must in principle be a multifunctional bicycle. It should be able to cope with asphalt fragments, but also with curbs, not always equal to pavements, lawns or parks. Ideally, if you can comfortably carry your shopping or your hand luggage on it. First of all, the male bicycle to the city should be adapted to the expectations of the specific user. So it's worth considering:

  • What exactly will it be used for (commuting to work, shopping trips, and maybe also weekend trips in the open air),
  • or if it's supposed to allow for rapid movement,
  • whether or not it should allow baggage to be carried.

Answers to these questions will facilitate the initial decisions about the model. There are many types of bicycles used in the city, not only those designed for the city. So it's worthwhile to run away thinking a little bit further.

Dutch or city bike - elegant option

The first option that comes to mind when looking for a male bike for a city is simply a city bike or a so-called Dutchman. This model is equipped with urban driving equipment - solid lights, a bell and a bell. Its seat is wide and comfortable, as is the steering wheel. It also has quite wide, smooth tires. The driving position is the upright position.

However, the city bike has a few drawbacks. It is quite heavy and can be bulky, and according to some users it is not comfortable at all. It also has a characteristic appearance that many men simply do not like. There are no port accents on this bike. However, it is perfect for men who care about elegance - a cyclist in a suit riding on a "Dutch" is much better than a "highlander".

Trekking bike - versatile option

Many men looking for a bike in the city choose a trekking model. It is a quite universal bicycle, which can be used to move successfully in the urban jungle, and on a free day take it to the city and go wild in the field. It's quite heavy, but it also allows you to ride on more varied surfaces than a city bike. It's a universal option that's great for driving comfort. Provides an optimal body position. It also has a more sporty look than city bikes and is therefore more often visually appealing to men.

Other types of bicycles and urban driving

Not only the Dutchman and the trekking bike will prove their worth in the city. Most bikes can "find themselves" there, it all depends on the rider's preferences and expectations. Some people opt for universal crosses, albeit of average durability, and many even choose a mountain bike, which, like no other bike, copes with curbs and deficiencies in pavement cobblestones. Think hard about your choice, focusing on your needs, to choose the perfect male bike for your city.