Monday, September 28, 2020

What kind of lubricants to use?

October 29, 2019

Lubricant is a substance whose purpose is to make sexual life easier or more attractive. Its advantages are appreciated by both women and men, but it is hard to resist the impression that the knowledge of intimate gels is extremely poor. It's time to change that.

Why do we need a lubricant?

Many people start to blush at the very sound of the word Lubricant. We can also often hear that such a measure is not necessary for couples, because none of the parties is interested in anal sex. It is worth remembering that lubricant not only makes sex more attractive, but also eliminates difficulties with getting close, which may lead to less willingness to have sex. This is the case with vaginal dryness, for example. This disease is associated primarily with the problem of post-menopausal women, but it also occurs in younger women, especially as an unpleasant consequence of intimate infections. The so-called "dry sex" is not a pleasure for both partners. It is worth to be aware of the fact that it may have an extremely adverse effect on female health, even leading to cracking and abrasion of vaginal vessels. Such abrasions increase the risk of further infections, and their treatment is often associated with the need to refrain from getting close. Lubricant also eliminates the painfulness of intercourse typical of vaginal dryness, and because it often has a pleasant smell, it also introduces additional sensations.

What kind of lubricant to buy?

Even before going to the shop to buy a lubricant, we should ask ourselves why we want to buy such a solution. If we are not convinced that we will use it regularly, it is not worth buying a large package either. Lubricants aren't important forever. After three months of purchase they are only suitable for throw away, and its smell and consistency no longer encourage madness in the bedroom.

If we appreciate the convenience of its use, we should first of all be interested in the lubricant, which can be squeezed out with a special pump. It is also worth considering how the agent we are going to use was created. Today, the most popular are water-based lubricants. Those that are odourless and odourless can be purchased mainly in pharmacies. However, if we want to ensure the already mentioned additional experiences, it is much better to look for them in specialized stores. The advantage of water lubricants is that they are easy to wash away, but you can not underestimate the lack of allergic reactions after using them.

If we do not have a tendency to intimate infections, we can also opt for aroma and taste gels. They fulfill their role no worse than water-based lubricants, their advantage is that they stimulate additional senses. Unfortunately, this is possible mainly because their composition is quite extensive. It also includes those ingredients that can irritate sensitive vaginal walls.