Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Why should erectile dysfunction be treated?

October 29, 2019

The problem with erection is wrongly treated as a shameful phenomenon that should be hidden and not mentioned to anyone. Many men suffer for years from a lack of erection or poor erection, making a satisfying sexual life impossible. Meanwhile, there are many ways to restore full performance. It is worthwhile to start by diagnosing the causes.

Erection problems - where do they come from?

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be found in lifestyle, physical health or male psyche. These problems are not always caused by the passing of time and the aging of the body. They also happen to young men. The most common causes are..:

  • aging,
  • diseases (especially diabetes, atherosclerosis, vascular and cardiac diseases),
  • the use of stimulants (alcohol, cigarettes, excess coffee),
  • no movement,
  • living under excessive stress,
  • neural disorder,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • Defective construction of the member or its damage,
  • some beliefs about yourself, your body, your sexual capabilities,
  • drugs for hypertension and antidepressants.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be many. They often co-exist and overlap, creating a general effect. In young men, erectile dysfunction very often results from an abnormal, unhealthy lifestyle, movement restrictions, severe stress or an unhealthy diet. Potency also suffers from neglect and failure to cure existing diseases.

Why should erectile dysfunction be treated?

Treatment of erectile dysfunction may be an element (or even a consequence) of treatment of serious diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. However, if they are caused by mental blockages or abnormal lifestyles, they should not be underestimated either. It's worth treating erectile dysfunction because:

  • As we get older, they get deeper and the reversal of change becomes really difficult,
  • lead to dissatisfaction with sex life,
  • reduce self-confidence and spoil well-being,
  • contribute to the relationship's problems.

There are many ways to restore an erection. It is worth using them instead of being stuck in an unjust sense of shame.

Erectile dysfunction - who should I consult?

Erection problems affect a great many men of all ages. To rule out a physiological substrate, it is advisable to see a urologist. The doctor will order appropriate tests and conduct a professional interview to determine the causes of the disorders. Sometimes it is not possible to find the health causes of erectile dysfunction. In this case, it is helpful to visit a sexologist and start individual or couple therapy.

What should I do to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can also be effectively counteracted. Basic and often extremely effective preventive measures include:

  • change of diet (enrichment with fruit and vegetables),
  • the introduction of more traffic,
  • elimination of highly processed products and sweets from the diet,
  • avoiding excessive stress and regular rest,
  • Restricting coffee, stopping alcohol and quitting smoking.

It is also worth taking care of regular preventive examinations (blood and urine tests).